Indigo E-files is an exlusive tool necessary in Nail Stylist work.

You can choose the portable E-file with battery, so you can take it with you everywhere and use the device without an access to power, supplied for 5 hours of continuous work.

It has digital display unit and automatic security system. It’s also very handful.

Another stationary E-file for a salon work.

Exlusive and professional.

Small size and perfect shape makes E-file doesn’t take a lot of space.

Each of them is ecquiped with a light hand so it makes your work very joyful.

Hand doesn’t vibrate even with the maximum spin. Stability of your work provides your client’s comfort and 100% precision.
A high-rotation head, smooth work adjustment of the engine from 0 up to 30 000 rotations per minute.

110-220 V/ 50-60Hz of power supply protects an engine against burning and causes tha E-file doesn’t get stuck during work.

E-files are extremely quiet and light – they weight only 183g.

Modern style will fit in every decoration in a salon.

Our E-files are made of good quality materials so they are great investition for many years.

We provide the service and 24 months of guarantees.